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    Chairpersons Message 2019

Is it really a year since I put pen to paper to write the foreword for the 2018 Rally Programme Booklet? How time does fly!! Once again I would like to begin by thanking you, the members, for supporting the club and, in particular, those who have organised and/or Stewarded the rallies.

In 2018 we have seen some encouraging numbers attending rallies - up to 25 on occasions! A quarter of the member total - not bad, eh? There have, however, been one or twodisappointing venues which have not come up to par for one reason or another and are now on the "no-go" list. We are constantly on the lookout for new venues, so, if you have any suggestions, please have a word with one of the committee members. We would be most grateful for your recommendations.

Sorry to repeat myself but please continue to book early for rallies.

There is one request I would like to make - if you have to cancel a booking for whatever reason, please contact the steward, no matterhow many days/hours before your due arrival, to let them know. There may be someone sitting at home hoping for a call to say there is a vacancy after all!!

Here's hoping 2019 will be an enjoyable, successful rallying season and that the weather will be on our side! There are some new venues in the programme and some old favoourites, so I trustyou will find one or two to suit. Start filling out your booking slips now!

See you on a rally field, somewhere, sometime!