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From 1st July 2012 all vehicles must carry a Do It Yourself

Breathalyser Kit.

In fact best carry 2 in case one is used, as you MUST have to one at all times.

(Available on Ferries etc.)


Please note if you wish to contact the Webmaster, his email has been changed.

It is now:- andysav695@icloud.com

This is because the live.co.uk mail system appears to have been closed by Microsoft!

If you have any Photo's from Rallies, Hints and Tips, which might be useful to members,

or any other Information, please send to the above email address.


2016 Motorhomes Shows

Warners Shows

National Motorhome Show, Peterborough - 21st/23rd April

Southern Motorcaravan Show, Newbury - May

Midsummer Motorhome Show, Stoneleigh - 23rd/25th June

Norfolk Motorhome Show, Norwich - 21st/23rd July

Western Motorhome Show, Malvern - August

The Motorhome Show, Season Finale, Lincoln - 22nd/24th September

As advised in the Rally Book, all bookings to Warners first and then to Marshalls.