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Rally Rules...

1. Licensed Site: When a rally is help on a licensed site it is essentially a block booking and the site rules apply. Where Site rules are not applicable then Club rules apply.

2. Rally Field Licensed by a Site: Where a rally is help on such a site rule 1. applies with facilities as agreed by the Licensee.

3. The Zodiacs Para 6 Rally: On a Zodiacs Para 6 rally the Club Rules and Code of Conduct applies. ONLY Club members may attend.

4. The Zodiacs Para 4 Rally: On a Zodiacs para 4 rally The Club Rules and Code of Conduct applies. Non-members are permitted by arrangement. Pre-booking is mandatory.

5. ACCEO Rallies: On ACCEO rallies the ACCEO Rules apply as set by rally marshall.

6. National Park Rallies: These must be organised in accordance with the relevant Park Rules

Booking Rallies...

1. All rallies attendees must pre-book with the rally steward.

2. Show rallies must be booked with the Show organisers and with the rally steward.