Secretary's Message.

    Greetings to Everyone!

    First of all, I must thank all of you, ralliers and stewards alike, for your loyal support throughout 2023. We had some reasonable numbers attending the rallies. This obviously hekps keep our Club alive and financially afloat for another year.

    This years rally book shows a reduction in the number of rallies as we need stewards to run them or propose them for us to arrange if the recommender does not wish to run them. Thet can do all the arranging themselves if they wish as long as the committee is kept informed.

    The confirmations must be sent to the site by the Committee.

    Please book as early as possible for rallies. Pressure is being put on us, as a Club by Sites. More numbers of sites are demanding a deposit, sometimes a hefty one! If we should wish to cancel, this will only be refunded if cancellation happens at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the rally. So, if we know we have only a small number, say 3 or 4, interested in a particular rally, we will be able to cancel in good time to reclaim the deposit. Losing hefty deposits is not good for the Clubs bank balance.

    I'm sure you will have noticed that prices at all sites have risen outrageously over the past year. More and more sites are asking for expected numbers of units attending, at least 3 (or in some cases 6!) weeks before the event. So we do need to know!

    The rallies vary in type this year with some being on sites which allows us to extend their duration to 7 days.

    Please, therefore, read through this programme of planned rallies, decide which ones you would like to attend and BOOK NOW PLEASE! Of course, we understand you may have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, but better that way than wanting to book for a rally that has been cancelled due to lack of numbers!

    We look forward to another successful year of rallying. Hope to see you on a rally-field sometime, somewhere!

    Best wishes for rallying in 2024.

    Tony Smith (Hon Sec.)